Smart wireless sensors for monitoring your machines and plants

Over the past years, i4M has gained extensive expertise and experience in the field of wireless measurement and condition monitoring solutions. This knowledge - coupled with customer feedback from agile development projects - has been incorporated into the development of its own products under the newly created brand name nemione® in 2020.

nemione® wireless sensors and receiver modules can be easily retrofitted in your machines and plants - without complex wiring due to reliable wireless data transmission. In this way, also your machines and plants become intelligent and provide substantial data for reliable monitoring.

made in Germany: nemione® products are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany. By having full control over the development and production process, we can always guarantee the highest quality. Our interdisciplinary team of mechanical and electrical engineers ensures innovative products - very close to the state of scientific development and the requirements of our customers.

Logo nemione - made by i4M technologies

nemi Link 2400 Sensor Nodes

nemi G+

Small wireless sensor for measuring accelerations, vibrations and rotation rates

Orbitdarstellung mit Icons des nemi G+

nemi G+ nano

Tiny, Wireless Sensor with Energy Harvesting Module for Measuring Accelerations, Vibrations and Rotation Rates

Darstellung des nemi G+ nano mit Funktionsorbit

nemi DAQ

Wireless multi sensor for monitoring strains, forces, displacements and much more

nemi DAQ Orbitdarstellung

nemi DAQ nano

Tiny wireless multi sensor with energy harvesting module for measuring and monitoring strains, forces, displacements and much more

nemi DAQ nano Orbitdarstellung

nemi Link 2400 Receiver products

nemi Connect

Small data receiver for direct connection to the PC via USB-C

nemi Connect

nemi Log (+ cellular)

Battery Powered Wireless Data Logger with Integrated Sensors and cellular option

nemi Log

nemi EdgeBase

4G-Gateway with Linux operating system and edge computing capabilities

nemi EdgeBase

nemi Link 868

nemi WAMS Node

Wireless sensor node for monitoring cracks, strains and temperatures

nemi WAMS Node

nemi WAMS Bridge

Battery powered 4G-Gateway for wireless data transmission over long distances

Orbitdarstellung nemi WAMS Bridge

Our nemione® products enable wireless measurements and condition monitoring, even at hard-to-reach points, and eliminate the need for costly cabling. With our ultra high efficiency wireless technology, we supply you with data from a wide selection of industrially proven sensors in a battery-saving way and with years of runtime.

Depending on the application, we rely on different wireless data transmission solutions for our nemione products:

The collected data is transmitted from the sensor nodes to gateways / receivers via nemi Link 2400, our high speed sensor network in the
2.4 GHz frequency band or via nemi Link 868, our long range sensor network in the 868 MHz frequency band. The gateways / receivers provide the data via 4G cellular connection, cable or micro SD card.

The data can then be displayed and further processed via dashboards or our supplied software.


Do you have questions about our nemione® products? Do you want to know whether our nemione® products are also suitable for your assets? Then please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.

Stephanie Paulus, M. Sc.

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