nemi DAQ nano

Tiny Wireless Multi Sensor with Energy Harvesting Module for Measuring Strains, Forces, Displacements and much more

More than just a telemetry module...

nemi DAQ nano is i4M's first integrated sensing product in terms of wireless Data AcQuisition. It is a tiny DAQ multi sensor module on board level with a wide range of connection options to measure and monitor e. g. strains, forces, displacements (e.g. cracks) or temperatures. In addition to that, various other digital and analog sensors can be connected. With its integrated IMU, it also measures accelerations, rotation rates, rotation angles and magnetic fields. Due to the highly efficient nemi Link 2400 radio technology, very long battery runtimes can be achieved. With solar energy harvesting battery runtimes can be extended even more. Under good conditions, nemi DAQ nano can even be operated self-sufficiently in terms of energy thanks to energy harvesting.
Because of the tiny and lightweight design nemi DAQ nano can easily be integrated in smallest installation spaces and turns your components and machines into smart products. nemi DAQ nano is ideally suited for use in rotating or moving applications such as torsion / torque measurements in drive trains or load measurements on rotating or moving components.

nemi DAQ nano

Technical details of nemi DAQ nano

nemi DAQ nano Orbitdarstellung

Key features

Tiny and lightweight design (21 x 21 x 11) mm, < 6 grams (without connectors: 5,6 mm, <3 grams)

Integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer (3 axes each) and temperature sensor

High resolution 24 bit analog-digital converter (ADC) with integrated signal amplifier and low measurement noise

Completely wireless with maximized battery life due to radio technology nemi Link 2400 and solar panel

Energy harvesting: solar panel offers unlimited run times

Transmission of live raw data or smart data pre-evaluated by edge computing

Connection options

Up to 2 reference voltage sensors (e.g. wheatstone / strain gauge full bridges, potentiometer sensors, thermocouple (e. g. Type K) and thermistors) for measuring strains, loads, forces, displacements, cracks and temperatures

Up to 2 reference current sensors (e.g. Pt100 / Pt1000 resistance thermometers) for monitoring temperatures

Up to 2 sensors with analog output 0 - 10 V

Up to 2 sensors with digital output 5 - 24 V  


Icon 3x DMS

Connection of up to 2 Wheatstone / strain gauge full bridges; sampling rate up to 1,3 kHz (3 channels) or 9.6 kHz (1 channel); signal resolution 24 bit;
inaccuracy << 1 %

Icon 3x Temperaturfühler

Connection of up to 2 temperature sensors (Pt100 / Pt1000, thermocouples, thermistors); sampling rate up to 1,3 kHz (3 channels) or 9.6 kHz (1 channel); signal resolution 24 bit; inaccuracy << 1 %

Icon Wegsensor

Connection of up to 2 potentiometer sensors; sampling rate up to 1,3 kHz (3 channels) or 9.6 kHz (1 channel); signal resolution 24 bit; inaccuracy << 1 %

Icon Analoger Sensor

Connection of up to 2 analog sensors with 0 - 10 V signal

Icon Digitale Sensoren

Connection of up to 2 sensors with digital output with up to 24 V signal

Icon IMU

IMU sensor module for measuring accelerations and rotation rates in and around all 3 axes; ACC up to 16 g; GYR up to 4000 °/s; signal resolution 16 bit

Icon Magnetometer

Triaxial magnetometer; measuring range up to 16 Gauss; signal resolution 16 bit

Icon nemi Link 2400

nemi Link 2400 - i4M's own robust and flexible radio technology in the 2.4 GHz frequency band; Range up to 140 m (in buildings); Range up to 350 m (urban area) ; max. sum sampling rate of 36 kHz at 24 bits per sample

Icon Laden per USB

Connector for battery (with charger)

Icon USB Datenübertragung

Power supply / battery charging via Micro USB

Icon Spannungsversorgung Energy Harvesting

Solar Energy Harvesting with MPPT

Compatible receiver modules
in the nemi Link 2400 radio network:

nemi Connect

nemi Log (+ cellular)

nemi EdgeBase

Wireless integrated sensing for your use case

nemi DAQ nano is designed to meet the needs of many demanding use cases without the cost of custom development. Benefit from compatibility with our receivers, loggers and gateways in the nemi Link 2400 network and get to your own wireless sensor system in the fastest and most cost-efficient way.
How easy this can be is shown by the transformation of the usually cabled, strain gauge based press-in sensor from Primosensor to an energy self-sufficient wireless sensor with the help of nemi DAQ nano.

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There are projects that have to start on a blank sheet of paper, because something new and unprecedented is to be created. This is how our nemione® products were created, which have become a series product in many iterations. i4M analyzes mechanical systems, determines relevant measurement variables and develops customized and highly integrated measurement technology to find the optimal solution for your individual challenge.

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