condition monitoring and predictive maintenance -
smart data with nemione®

With extensive expertise and experience in the field of wireless measurement and condition monitoring solutions, i4M technologies GmbH - coupled with customer feedback from agile development projects - has launched the nemione® product line: products that make your machines and assets smart and finally deliver meaningful data.

With our nemione® products, you finally get meaningful data. Whether condition monitoring, predictive maintenance or digital twin: with our wireless connected sensors and intelligent data analysis, you will reach your goal. We support you not only with hardware and software, you also benefit from our extensive project experience.

Your advantages -
through wireless condition monitoring with nemione®

Extending useful lives
Sensor data helps you to gain in-depth knowledge about the condition of your assets. Based on this data, maintenance events can be optimally planned and safe continued operation can be realized. In this way, you extend the useful life of your assets and save money.

Avoid failures
With meaningful condition data, you can schedule maintenance events based on the actual utilization of your assets rather than time. In this way, you avoid cost-intensive downtimes in your production.

Increase quality
Process data are good quality indicators. Manufacturing processes that are optimized on the basis of this data ensure more satisfied customers and fewer rejects.

Creating digital twins
With sensor data, you create digital twins of your important assets. These digital images of reality enable you to make good, strategic decisions and invest properly.

Uncomplicated predictive maintenance -
with our wireless sensors

Regular operation
In regular operation, all sensor data can be accessed for control purposes, but no action is required.

Maintenance requirements
With nemione® key figures can be generated that enable condition-based maintenance - moving away from often unnecessary maintenance events to predictive recommendations for action.

Warning & Alarm
When unexpected events occur, nemione® issues an alarm and allows users to perform a detailed problem analysis based on measurement data.


Turn old into smart!

Many existing machines, assets and infrastructures are not monitored by sensors even if condition monitoring offers great potential for cost savings and quality improvement. With nemione®, we offer you products that are easy to retrofit and smartly modernize your machine or asset.


Runs and runs and runs.

Our products are completely wireless. By selecting energy-efficient components, optimized firmware code and highest data compression, nemione® creates years of runtime without battery replacement - with maximum functionality.

Proven hardware

We have tried everything.

The range of products in the field of sensor and measurement technology is huge. After a large number of successfully implemented projects, we understand what is important. That means with nemione® we can offer you products that enable wireless condition monitoring and uncomplicated predictive maintenance - according to your requirements.

Independent and safe

We prevent data theft

Our solutions are compatible with the latest (I)IoT technology but also with your own IT systems and security requirements. We are independent of big cloud providers and meet your need for data security.

„In close cooperation with the team from i4M technologies, we have developed a compact, wireless system for monitoring wind turbines from prototype to series production. Above all, we appreciate the strong competencies of the team, the fast development of customized products and the excellent service. We are looking forward to further cooperative partnership.“

Dr.-Ing. Samer Mtauweg
Managing Partner / Research & Development

MML Solutions GmbH

„Thanks to wireless data transmission, the nemione crack monitoring system enables us to facilitate installation even in poorly accessible locations. In addition, the efficient i4M wireless technology can realize years of service life and permanent, low-maintenance monitoring of cracks on highway bridges. As a result, the bridges can continue to be used safely for years even in the event of critical or limited utilization in terms of static reserves..“

Dr.-Ing. Marc Kosalla
Project Manager Structural Diagnostics/ Concrete Maintenance Department
Kempen Krause Ingenieure GmbH

„At Mack Rides, i4M's wireless nemione measurement system was used to monitore a catapult roller coaster. The compact components convince us with easy installation, robust wireless data transmission even in case of magnetic interference field and high data quality. We thank the team of i4M for the good cooperation and the fast implementation of the project."

Felix Maier
Design/Structural Analysis

Mack Rides GmbH und Co KG

„In i4M technologies GmbH we found a competent partner offering a functional and diverse product portfolio. During the development period, i4M supported us with their comprehensive Know-How in selecting a suitable measurement system meeting our demands.The small dimensions enabled us to perform test measurements quickly and flexibly, even during normal operation. In addition, the system has its strength in its ability to be used for acceleration measurements on the human body.“

Gregor Engelmann
Operation & Service

Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG

„Within a very short time, i4M technologies designed, developed and manufactured a fully functional, wireless telemetry system for the condition monitoring of a tool grinding machine. The telemetry system is very small, battery-powered and fully integrated into the grinding spindle. The system reliably transmits from a machine tool. This solution enables structural integration of sensor technology on rotating machine components, so that process forces can be detected close to the point of action and additional cost-intensive measurement technology components can be dispensed with. I also particularly liked the uncomplicated and goal-oriented cooperation with the team.“

M.Sc. Henning Buhl
Head of Department Machine Components

Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools,
Leibniz University Hannover

nemione® – made by i4M technologies

i4M analyzes mechanical systems, determines relevant measurement variables and develops customized and highly integrated measurement technology to find the optimal solution for your individual challenge.

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A sensor must be able to do more than output an unfiltered measured value: With nemione, we make elaborate data analysis possible by combining intelligent software and high-tech hardware.

Stephanie Paulus, M. Sc.

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