Contactless measurement of rolling element rotary motion

Use Case "Kontaktloses Messen von Wälzkörperdrehbewegungen"


  • Measurement of kinematic data and vibrations of individual rolling elements in a wind turbine pitch bearing for the identification of slippage conditions

Project period



  • Small installation space and poor accessibility • Integration of measurement technology in a highly stressed component
  • Optimal radio connection despite heavy covering by metal in the direct vicinity
  • Contactless battery charging in grease via slim holes without disassembly
  • Running time of at least 10 hours at 13600 measuring points per second per rolling element


  • Measuring system consisting of two interconnected boards per rolling element and a receiver module for data acquisition from several rolling elements
  • In each rolling element: one sensor and data transmission board and one power management board for battery connection and charging
  • Integrated measuring chain for recording rolling element rotation (acceleration, rotation rate and magnetic field sensors) and vibrations using high-performance MEMS sensor technology
  • Wireless data transmission via integrated antenna using nemi Link 2400 radio link in the 2.4 GHz frequency band to a receiver module that is connected to a PC via USB
  • Battery charging principle: Inductive via self-developed charging stick with integrated coil and USB connection for power supply


  • Fully integrated, encapsulated measurement system with customized boards, wireless data transmission, MEMS sensors and rechargeable battery
  • Reliable data transmission despite use in bearing component largely surrounded by metal and lubricant
  • Long battery life due to highly efficient, robust i4M wireless technology
  • Edge computing capability on the transmitter module
  • Fast project implementation in only 4 months


A sensor must be able to do more than output an unfiltered measured value: With nemione, we make elaborate data analysis possible by combining intelligent software and high-tech hardware.

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